Submitting Request to Tech team

To handle program owners request better in a more systematic way, we introduced 'Tech Software Request Form'. Please feel free to duplicate this template and fill it up to submit to Tech through JIRA (preferred) or Email.

This is also part of our SOP process and requirements from 'SOP Event & Program Management' & 'SOP System Development'. (we are refining these SOP)

Program Owners are expected to submit this at earlier of the year as soon as possible when their project execution memo is approved.

Take Notes:

  • Memo must be approved by CEO and attached as a copy here

  • All projects must appoint a person in charge. Tech team appointed project manager will liaise with this personnel only.

  • All project must have gone through UAT test (where program owner is involve) before it can be publish onto the Internet.

  • All project must be renewed yearly, else allocated resources will automatically be discontinued (e.g. domain name etc)

  • All SLA duration is 6 months with an additional 6 months extension with a total budget not more than MYR 100k.

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