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Central App (Google add-on)

Central App is an Google add-on developed by the MaGIC Tech team for the use of MaGICian, allow alumni search in Gmail and attach startup info into email content when drafting.

Enable it in Gmail

Firstly, login to Gmail using email ended with the organization domain (e.g. [email protected]). This app only works within the application scope.
Click the [+] icon in add-on bar found at right hand side of screen
Add-on Marketplace popup. Click on the [=] on top left, look for `mymagic.my apps` at the end of list
Click on the add-on named `MaGIC Central App (Google)`
Click `Install` button
click `Continue` to confirm
Click `Allow` to give all the permissions this add-on required to function properly
Once it is done, you will find the add-on with MaGIC logo shows in the add-on bar of your gmail

Using the add-on in Gmail

Search for Alumni

Startup Alumni info can be easily search thru the add on. just type the related keyword and list with matching name will displayed. Click on the item would brought you to the startup detail page hosted at https://central.mymagic.my/network

Insert Startup Info to email

Open the add-on when composing an email will enable this function to search and attach startup information into email content.This include the startup name and logo, one liner and link to its detail page at Central Network.
Click on the MaGIC logo in add-on bar at bottom of the compose interface
In popup window, insert keyword to search. it could be part of the startup name.
The top matching startup info will be inserted into the email content