OpenHub is an open source version of MaGIC CENTRAL, available for FREE for all MaGIC-like ecosystem developers at different geo location.

We hope thru this open source initiative, MaGIC-like ecosystem developers can come together and build a shared digital platform where everybody can be benefited from it.

Calling all Ecosystem Developers

Technical Details

This open source project is under BSD-3-Clause License. As a software project, contributors are expected to have programming skillset and willing to get hands dirty with coding. MaGIC has no obligation to provide any supports to this initiative.

  • Familiar with GIT, Sub GIT module, Docker & Mac shell script

  • LAMP (Ubuntu, Apache2, MariaDb, PHP)

  • Yii framework (version 1)

  • HTTPS & SSL required

  • Hosted on the cloud (AWS)

  • Plug-and-play modular architecture

  • Not all modules are open source (exclude MaGIC specific modules)

  • Data too is excluded (Open Source != Open Data)

OpenHub has its own documentation for developer hosted on Github.

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