Six for Corporate

Corporate is organisation like team, startup and social enterprise who can provide assistance to a project (in term of financial or non-financial).

Browse Projects

Featured projects are listed on the the Project page, Projects listed on this page will be available to view by the public and interested corporate who are interested to contribute to the project of their choice. Projects are available to browse and the details can be view by choosing the project title.

Contribute to Project

A form will show up directing from the 'Contribute to SIX' button, Interested corporate can fill-up the form to get know or contact the project owner

Once the form is opened, fill-up and click the 'submit' button.

The pop-up indicates, the form has been submitted and went through, the project owner will be notified and they will contact you directly.

The corporate can continue browsing for other projects if interested and wait for their reply through email or given contact information

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