MaGIC Central


User Acceptance Test for tester


  • There is a page available for me to input webhook url secured with username and password to sign in for MaGIC users.
  • All webhook urls are in https format
  • The test button verifies the webhook url by sending dummy data
  • I can review logs after logging in. I can view logs of events up to 3 months that are kept by Webhook.
  • Webhook keeps a log of events up to 3 months
  • Upon failure of POST or PUT, there will be 3 retries with 1 minute interval between each retry attempt.
  • If failure of POST or PUT still occurs after 3 retries, an email will be sent to MaGIC at [email protected] to inform of failure.
  • All retries are logged with status code
  • Duration between data change and webhook call is within 5 seconds
  • All webhook calls carry the following headers
    • x- vendor: futurelab
    • x- apikey: <api-key>
    • x- apiversion: <futurelab-api-version>
  • API key is stored in database
  • Data schema matches the documentation in Swagger : https://central.mymagic.my/mentor/swagger