SIX, aka Social Impact Exchange (SIX) platform, is an Impact Driven Directory. Please visit


A curated platform by MaGIC to bring together a community of impact-driven Malaysian organizations, investors, and corporates together to encourage purpose-driven collaborations (non-financial & financial) and resource exchange (writings & insights).

Audience of SIX


An online directory to browse through for-profit and non-profit organizations and active projects related to their field of interests in which they can support financially or non-financially. Insightful readings and opinions from IDOs regarding a range of topics such as experience working in the field, the gaps and need for funding, the power of partnerships, etc.


An online profile of their organization and their type of assistance they would like from corporates or fellow IDOs. This can range from financial to non-financial assistance. Having a public profile increases their visibility to the public and corporates

How SIX works

SIX is a project listing platform for Impact Driven Organisations (IDOs) to create a project page capturing the problem, solution, and assistance they require. In turn, funders and experts can browse through to identify projects of interest - connecting directly with the IDO for possible funding or capacity-building support through SIX.

1. Projects listed tell their story and support they need

An IDO’s existence starts with tackling a social or environmental problem. They come up with solutions and at times we all need additional support, financially or non-financially. SIX is the place to tell your project story constructively, containing the necessary info and tags for funders and experts to find and connect with your project.

2. Browse and identify projects to fund and help

Be it as an individual or organization you can provide help through funding and skills you have to offer. Filter through projects verified by MaGIC and find something that speaks to you.

3. Connect for collective impact and value exchange

Get in touch directly with the IDO of the project you are interested in to lend a hand. Drop them a message via SIX to connect and continue the conversation on any platform of your choice.

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