SSM Report Purchase

Page where user can request/purchase the data for the company/business.

How to get here

Not all user will allow to do this action

You can access this page by navigate the main menu to Services > SSM Integration > Manage Entity .

Once you have land to the page you should see the Check/Purchase SSM Report menu on the right side of the page.

Alternatively, you could find the SSM tab, when you view details for particular Organization at the bottom of the page.

You could also find a button after you have performed Advance Search under the SSM tab

SSM Report Purchase

What you need is just a company/business registration number to be put in the Company Number field. You can use either new format number or old format number. Do not put both format number. The Title is an optional field. If the request is success, it will automatically update the Title based on the return result.

Basically this function will purchase the company/business profile through the API. Each success request will cost us about RM15.30 (including service tax).

If you caught for misuse this service, you will not be able to do this action anymore. Your access to this action will be removed.

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