MaGIC Central

End-to-end Automation

From Application to KPI Reporting
CENTRAL facilitates your programs and events from the application stage, selection stage, KPI reporting and up to post-event survey stage. The main goal is to reduce human intervention in the process to ensure data integrity and to promote transparency.
MaGIC Central (Events & F7) for program owner

How it works

CENTRAL tracks all activities happening in the organization. Regardless if it's a one-off event like fireside chat, online/offline sharing session, workshop; or a series of events like Grill-or-chill, USC, various bootcamps and accelerator programs, and etc; they are all recorded into the system as an event.
KPI Dashboard and Survey only work when data is captured in CENTRAL event.
An event has the following basic attributes:
  • Title
  • Start & End Date
  • Who are the individuals that participated (registration & attendance)
  • Who are the organizations that participated (registration & attendance)
  • Who are the organizer / owner / sponsor / partner
  • Event for which industry, persona, SDG, etc.

Selecting the software method


  • Suitable for events/webinar
  • Use for events targeting individual participant (not organization).
  • Support both free or paid event
  • No selection process on participant
  • Program Owner can DIY create event on Eventbrite (using provided sample event)
  • Program Owner must take attendance using Eventbrite App for event manager
  • Already preset to auto sync data back to CENTRAL
  • Takes 1-3 days to create an event

F7 Form

  • Suitable for Bootcamp, USC, ACE initiatives type of programs
  • Supports organization type of participants
  • Supports selection process on participant
  • Data will be manually synced to CENTRAL after one-time setting from Tech team
  • Program Owner is not allowed to manually upload participants data
  • Takes 1-3 days to create a form


  • Use by GAP / PUSH /Amplify type of accelerator programs.
  • Tech is integrating ATAS into CENTRAL as a module.
  • Data manually sync to CENTRAL from ATAS standalone by Tech team within 1 mth after program end date.
  • Takes 2-4 weeks to setup for an accelerator program

Custom Build by Tech

  • Use by SEA / NTIS / SIM type of large, long term and complicated type of programs.
  • Tech needs budget from PO to employ extra SLA Vendore to work on this.
  • Data can be auto/manually sync based on programming set by Tech team.
Third Party Vendor
  • Use by SESI, SIX, MyHackathon, ENation.
  • Most are ad-hoc external programs given to MaGIC in rush deadline or with special requirement that the above method cannot support.
  • The system could range from Google Form to External custom built software.
  • Program Owner needs to manually update to CENTRAL by bulk, using the provided spreadsheet template.