End-to-end Automation

From Application to KPI Reporting

CENTRAL facilitates your programs and events from the application stage, selection stage, KPI reporting and up to post-event survey stage. The main goal is to reduce human intervention in the process to ensure data integrity and to promote transparency.

How it works

CENTRAL tracks all activities happening in the organization. Regardless if it's a one-off event like fireside chat, online/offline sharing session, workshop; or a series of events like Grill-or-chill, USC, various bootcamps and accelerator programs, and etc; they are all recorded into the system as an event.

KPI Dashboard and Survey only work when data is captured in CENTRAL event.

An event has the following basic attributes:

  • Title

  • Start & End Date

  • Who are the individuals that participated (registration & attendance)

  • Who are the organizations that participated (registration & attendance)

  • Who are the organizer / owner / sponsor / partner

  • Event for which industry, persona, SDG, etc.

Selecting the software method


  • Suitable for events/webinar

  • Use for events targeting individual participant (not organization).

  • Support both free or paid event

  • No selection process on participant

  • Program Owner can DIY create event on Eventbrite (using provided sample event)

  • Program Owner must take attendance using Eventbrite App for event manager

  • Already preset to auto sync data back to CENTRAL

  • Takes 1-3 days to create an event

pageRunning an event

F7 Form

  • Suitable for Bootcamp, USC, ACE initiatives type of programs

  • Supports organization type of participants

  • Supports selection process on participant

  • Data will be manually synced to CENTRAL after one-time setting from Tech team

  • Program Owner is not allowed to manually upload participants data

  • Takes 1-3 days to create a form

pageRunning a program


  • Use by GAP / PUSH /Amplify type of accelerator programs.

  • Tech is integrating ATAS into CENTRAL as a module.

  • Data manually sync to CENTRAL from ATAS standalone by Tech team within 1 mth after program end date.

  • Takes 2-4 weeks to setup for an accelerator program

pageRunning an accelerator

Custom Build by Tech

  • Use by SEA / NTIS / SIM type of large, long term and complicated type of programs.

  • Tech needs budget from PO to employ extra SLA Vendore to work on this.

  • Data can be auto/manually sync based on programming set by Tech team.

Third Party Vendor

  • Use by SESI, SIX, MyHackathon, ENation.

  • Most are ad-hoc external programs given to MaGIC in rush deadline or with special requirement that the above method cannot support.

  • The system could range from Google Form to External custom built software.

  • Program Owner needs to manually update to CENTRAL by bulk, using the provided spreadsheet template.

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