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Most of the activities happened in startup ecosystem can be broken down and categorized as Event. Tracking event allows ecosystem builder to understand the development of the entire ecosystem.

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Event Group

Multiple events can be group under 1 Event Group. For example, a 'MaGIC Accelerator Program' is an event group with the following events:

  • MaGIC Accelerator Program 2015

  • MaGIC Accelerator Program 2016

  • MaGIC Accelerator Program 2017

Create Event

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Event Owners

Event Registrations

Event registration keeps track of individuals who participated in an event.

These data can be sync thru modules like Eventbrite and Bizzabo. It can also be manually bulk loaded using spreadsheet. (todo: attach link of the spreadsheet template here).

Manually add Events Attendance (Individual Participants)

Event Organisations

Event Organization keeps track of companies/organizations who participated in an event. For examples, an event would be organised by MaGIC and Ministry of Technology, sponsored by Google and Facebook, with judges came from Multimedia University and Startup Melaka.

Manually add Events Attendance (Organisation Participants)


When enabled, CENTRAL automatically email survey link to attended participants a day after the event ended.

  • Event has to be active and not cancel

  • Setting event-sendPostSurveyEmail must be turned on

  • Hourly cron job is set to trigger the command php yiic emailSurveyAfterEvent oneDayAfter

  • Respective F7 form must exist

Sync from Eventbrite

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