Running a program

F7 Form

Programs with a selection of stages like Bootcamps, University Startup Challenge (USC), MaGIC Ecosystem Builder Programs (MEBP), ACE MyStartupHub (MSH) & Global Market-Fit Program (GMP) and etc, can make use of F7 Form for the entire process.

F7 is a Google form like CENTRAL module. Developers can create new form quickly in JSON language at a turnaround time of about 3 working days.

Using F7 has advantages such as, applicants can reuse their company profile in submission. Entire workflow from application stage to KPI reporting stage can be automated and to comply with SOP.

F7 Form

Accelerators such as Global Accelerator Program (GAP) will be using the ATAS module. Please read Running an acceleratorpage for details.

Running an accelerator

Sync to CENTRAL Event

Data from F7 Form sync to Event module in CENTRAL for centralized repository and reporting.

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