Every user (including admin) that sign-up to the system has a member profile.

Manage Members

User \ Member

This interface list all active and inactive members in the system. Click into each individual record to view the details.

View member

Here you get a detail view of the selected member user. You may block \ deactivate \ soft delete a member here. You may also choose to terminate a member user account.

Create member

As admin, you can create member account from backend. However, this is not recommended. Member should create their own account from the frontend going thru all the designed workflow to ensure data integrity.

Reset Password

As Central is using MaGIC Account as SSO provider, password reset need to be done in MaGIC Account backend.

Delete a member

Admin can soft delete a member from the backend. This is the same to clicking Block button in the member view page. Deleted member has their account status set to inactive. An inactive or deleted account can be restore back to normal later on.

Terminate a member

Unlike `delete a member`, this action is not reversible

Member termination can come from user himself (operate thru Control Panel) or Admin. Once confirmed, it will:

  1. Soft delete the member user account on Central

  2. Call /api/terminateAccountto instruct MaGIC Account to delete

  3. Create a request record with code removeUserAccount with pending status

  4. Create a request record to generate user data download

  5. Unsubscribe user from mailchimp

  6. Notify the user his account has been successfully terminated

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