Running a mentorship program

Program Owners may use existing Central digital infrastructure to embed mentorship into their programs at no extra cost required.

MaGIC mentorship is a Central service collaborating with Futurelab (a MaGIC alumni startup).

Our platform cater the following mentorship format:

  • Commitment or ad-hoc basis

  • Physical or online meeting

  • Open or exclusive programs

Commitment basis

Mentor can commit a specific timeslot per week and commit to it. All bookings will be auto accepted by the system on behalf of the mentor.

Ad-Hoc basis

Mentor do not commit to a weekly timeslot. Bookings will be accepted by mentor on case-by-case basis.

Open mentorship program

These are mentorship programs that are open to the public. Anybody with a central member account can participate as a mentee.

Exclusive mentorship program

A mentorship program can be set to a close group of users (through email as identification). This is suitable for programs like GAP who want to offer dedicated mentors to their participants only.

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