SSM Integration

Open Source Module for the Integration with SSM for Company & Business type (excluding the Limited Liability Partnership)

SSM Integration is a module that allows Central to purchase the Company or Business profile direct from the SSM database through their appointed Service Provider. For now, this integration only cater for:

  • Company

  • Business

Company type consist of Company Limited by Guarantee (CLBG), Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd), Public Limited Company (Berhad), and Foreign Company

Business type consist of Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

Once we have requested the profile, we will received raw data (JSON format) & readable document (PDF format) as the result for each successful request.

Request for particular company/business profile will check the setting that we have set (e.g: 7 days). If it is within the range, it will find the latest successful request profile in our database. Otherwise the request will go through the SSM API to get fresh data and update into our database.


There will be a list of entities (organizations) that have been used to check with the SSM Integration. Any successful request will show Success in the Success Code column. On the other hand, it will show Failed (with some error message) for those that was not found in the SSM Database.

To check or request new data from SSM, please refer to this page

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