Activate for Solution Provider

Solution Providers are individual or organisation like team, startup and social enterprise who can provide solution to a challenge (problem statement).

Solution Provider interact with MaGIC Activate service from the frontend as well as member control panel.

Browse Challenges

Featured challenges are listed on the front page while all including non-featured are listed on the Challenges page, sorted by latest challenges on top (based on closing date).

Propose a Solution

Solution provider (Startups, Social Innovator) may click into a specific challenge to learn more on its detail like expected deliverable, selection criteria, prizes and timeline.

After a decision is made, he may proceed to propose solution to this challenge by clicking Participate button on the right.

A form will show up.

Fill up and submit before the closing date. You are not allowed to edit it when it is in Submittedstage. However, before closing date, you may revert a submission back to Draft stage for editing.

  • User need to login to MaGIC Central account to access the form

  • A user can only make one submission (NOT MULTIPLE) for each challenge

After Submit

The application status is now Submitted

Applicant's submission will be managed by program owner or admin, following 'Workflow for Solution Provider' stated here:

pageActivate for Program Owner


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