UAT Quest

This UAT is to test the process flow of the quest from backend admin, cpanel and frontend. So you will need to have 3 sets of account to test the flow. The Quest module part is similar to Perks.

Some idea of Quest

What is quest? Quest is a request from quest provider company, it can be a test, survey, research etc. for campus member to take and earn RP points.

URL involve

Admin backend - manage quest CPanel - for campus member quest provider to edit and view their quest. They are able to check who has taken the quest Frontend quest homepage - for visitors to browse quests, for campus members to browse and take quests to earn RP points

Process Flow For Admin Backend

You will need to have access to to test the below: Add quest Edit quest Deactivate quest

When you add, edit and deactivate quest, you can check the appearance of the quest at

Process Flow For CPanel User

You will need to do an Individual Ekyc and join as a campus member. Please refer to Ekyc Once you have ekyc you need to enroll as a company to manage quest. For reference

As CPanel Quest Provider Able to Manage Quest, Edit Quest, view detail page, taken request

As CPanel Campus Member Able to view your quest taken status

Process Flow For Frontend User

Campus member is able to view quest list, view quest details and take a quest

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