SIX for The Impact Driven Organisation

Steps to get listed

  1. Create a Project Page

    Fill up a form to build an all-in-one page for people to know about your organisation, the project, and how they can reach out to you. When you are done click submit.

  2. Submit for Review

    MaGIC will review your project page and maybe get in touch to jazz it up. When your application is looking amazing we publish it.

  3. Wait

    Stand by to receive emails from funders and experts getting in touch to help you.

Create a project page

You need a Central user account to proceed. After login, you may post it either thru the MaGIC SIX main page or Member Control Panel.

Method 1: Click `Get Listed` button
Method 2: Click `SIX Projects` from Member Control Panel

Method 1

Select existing or create new Organisation

Use organisation selector
  • Select an existing organisation of yours from the left

  • Or, insert a name for your new organisation

  • You may proceed to create the organisation profile if new

  • If the organisation profile exists, you may request permission from its owner to join.

Upon completion, proceed to select the desired organisation and process to the next page

member control panel for SIX

Method 2

Select existing or create new Organisation

You will need an organisation profile to host a challenge. Create a new or join an existing one to proceed.

Select `My Organisations` in Member Control Panel
Select an organization of desired where the project will be created under
  • Select an existing organisation of yours from the list

  • You may proceed to create the organisation profile if new

  • If the organisation profile exist, you may request for the permission from its owner to join by proceed with the join existing option.

After selecting the organization, back to the member control panel
SIX Project member control panel

Click Add button and you will directed to a form

Create a project

Click Add button and you will have to fill up a form to post:

Create new project form

Once the information is entered, click on the initiate button to next page.

Update information page
lowe part of update information page
  • Each project has an open and close date. Recommended timeframe between these two dates is not more than 6 months.

  • Provide a cover and a header image to make your project stand out from the rest. Plain colour background use by default.

Submit a Project

Click on Save draft & preview button to save it as draft and preview the project page. This button will only appear on first submission.

Click Submit button and your application will be sent for approval by admin. An notification email will be sent to your user account.

Preview Project

Once submitted, you can preview your Project at Member Control Panel while waiting for admin approval for listing.

preview the application as on how it will be displayed on website
Catalog's section
Other's section

It's solely MaGIC Program Owner or Admin decision to approve, process or reject a project.

Receiving application from Solution Provider

Enquiries Submission

IDO will receive a filled application form by the corporate filled at SIX project website on the CPanel (enquiries submission tab).

They can click the View Icon in green to view more details of the form.

View submission page

They can view the copy of the form filled by the corporate with all the details.