Campus ID

Campus ID, aka MaGIC Startup Campus is an end-to-end Booster Pack for Startup Creation. Please visit: MaGIC owned module.


Everyone with a MaGIC CENTRAL account can sign up to Campus ID for FREE. Campus ID Member then can collect points by participating in MaGIC selected events and programs, or by helping startups completing QUEST. Then, they can spend the points to redeem perks that can help their startup grow. By leveling up thru the journey, they gain badges of honors which is used by the program owner for assessment.

XP vs RP points

Experience Points (XP)

Experience Points (XP) is earned as you join & complete certain programs from MaGIC. Your XP will grow as you go through the startup journey with MaGIC. Higher amounts of XP will allow access to more relevant things based on your experience. XP will also be used as an assessment & qualification checks.

Redeemable Points (RP)

Redeemable Points (RP) is earned as you join & complete certain programs from MaGIC. RP also can be earned by completing tasks offered on Perks portal. Your accumulated RP can be used to redeem perks that is offered by our perks providers. Perks can help you grow your ideas & startups.

Individual vs Organization Membership

Individual membership

An individual membership belongs to a single person. XP & RP accumulated is only applicable to a single person. To get an individual membership, you will need a verified Malaysian IC Card or a password.

Organization Membership

An organization membership consists of one or more individual membership. XP & RP accumulated will be assigned to the organization. To get an organization membership, you will need a SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) Registration Number.

Activate your Campus ID

Perform Individual EKYC using mobile phone and MyKad (auto process)

  • Login into your central account (or signup) and head to your Cpanel & click the "Campus ID" link on the navigation menu.

  • You will automatically be redirected to the "Auto Identify Verification" page.

  • Scan your ID with your smartphone camera by tapping on the camera icon or upload a photo of your ID from your smartphone's gallery.

  • You will see an eKYC Successful message upon successful verification. Click here if you are on a desktop EKYC for User.

Fall back to manual process if failed

  • If the automatic eKYC process fails, you will be redirected to the manual process for eKYC. Fill in the form with the correct information. Your application will be manually verified and will take 3-5 working days.

Agree to terms & conditions

  1. Once your eKYC has been approved either automatically or manually, navigate to your Cpanel

    & click on the Campus ID link.

  2. Read through the term & conditions and click on the I Agree button to proceed with the Campus ID activation.

Obtain your Campus ID

  • After agreeing to the term & conditions, you will obtain your Campus ID membership code e.g. ‘P12345’.

For user with multiple CENTRAL Accounts

  • Your Campus ID membership is tied to your IC/passport number. If you register multiple Campus ID membership, all of the accounts will be linked together under the same IC/passport number.

  • To add a CENTRAL account to your Campus ID, simply login into the account & complete the eKYC process using the same IC/passport document.

How to get Campus ID for your startup

This feature is currently under development. Please come back later.

Required individual Campus ID

  • Follow this guide to acquire an individual Campus ID.

Perform Organization EKYC (manual process)

  1. Login & Navigate to your cPanel and click on the Campus ID link in the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the SWITCH dropdown button.

  3. Click on Enroll my companyto start the organization eKYC process.

  1. Enter you organization name in the field.

  2. Click on the Create button to start creating your organization.

  3. If you have previously registered a company, those companies will be listed in the existing li.

Keep in mind that your organization name should be unique.

  1. You can now click on you company to complete the eKYC process.

  1. Enter all the required fields accurately.

  2. Once all the required details are entered, click the Submit button.

Make sure to re-check your organization details before clicking the Submit button

  1. You will now see a success message. Your organization details will be verified manually by our admin in 3 working days.

visit EKYC for Organization for auto eKYC for organization.

Obtain organization Campus ID

  1. Once you company eKYC has been approved, login & click the the Campus ID link in the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the SWITCH button to toggle the dropdown menu.

  3. Click on the ENROLL NOW link with the name of the registered company.

  1. Read through the Terms & Conditions carefully and click on the I Agree button to get you organization Campus ID

  • You will now receive a message containing your organization's Campus ID.

Manage everything at Member Control Panel

After obtaining your Campus Member ID, you can manage it under Member Control Panel. Login into your Central account and navigate to Campus ID page.

Click on the Switch button if you have multiple Campus ID accounts tied to your Central account (e.g. one for yourself and one for your startup).

Claim points from participated events and programs

In the "Claim points from programs & events" section, you will see all the events that you joined & are eligible for points redemption.

Don't worry if you can't find the activity, event, or program you joined in the past here. It's either:

1) our operation team has not allocated points to it yet; Please be patient, we are working on this batch by batch.

2) or, simply means the program is not covered by Campus ID. Check here under FAQ for the covered programs list.

For your information, we are able to associate your past participation using the email address you used to register. If you have multiple Central accounts created using a different email, please EKYC each of them using the same MyKad identity and enroll all to Campus ID.

Feel free to contact our operation team for support if you believe it is a mistake.

  1. Click arrow to expend for more detail about an activity record

  2. Click CLAIM button to claim points from this activity

  3. A notification popup on top right corner of screen upon successful claim

  4. Your XP & RP balance will automatically refresh

  5. This claim will show as new transaction will show as new transaction in the Latest Transactions section.

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