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MaGIC owned module.
Network is a module to replace community. Inspired by StartupSg and StartupBlink, it provides map driven filter to browse and search alumni.
Map view filter
Alumni detail page showing their attributes, team members and program joined.

Integrate with Resource Directory

Network service is integrated with Resource Directory. For example, clicking a startup from 'Global Accelerator Program' will be able to link you to this specific resources under resource directory. From there, not only can you learn about the program but also access to a list of startups benefited by it.

Data Source

Our data came from these sources:
  • Application forms that startups submitted
  • Organization information that startups updated through Member Control Panel
  • Surveys answered by the startups
  • Our ecosystem partners
  • Public information found on social media
  • Public information on the internet (crunchbase, data.gov.my, etc)
While we try to make sure these information are as accurate as possible, by tying it up with our KPI creating a single source of truth, but it should only be used as a reference.

For entire ecosystem use

In the near future, we would like our entire ecosystem (e.g. MDeC, Cradle, SITEC, SMA, SCEIC...) to use this same interface to list their alumni. Then, we will have a comprehensive ecosystem wide database that everyone can refer to.