Activate for Problem Statement Owner

In the past, big corporate is the focus and only source of problem statement supply. However, with a true open innovation challenge platform, we empowered everyone to utilise this platform regardless of their size and background, from sme to government and even individual.

Post your problem statement

You need a Central user account to proceed. After login, you may post it either thru the MaGIC Activate main page or Member Control Panel.

Method 1

Select existing or create new Organisation

  • Select an existing organization of yours from the left

  • Or, insert a name for your new organization

  • You may proceed to create the organization profile if new

  • If the organization profile exist, you may request for the permission from its owner to join.

Upon completion, proceed to `Submit a challenge (Problem Statement)'

Method 2

Select existing or create new Organisation

You will need an organisation profile to host a challenge. Create new or join existing one to proceed.

Upon completion, proceed to `Submit a challenge (Problem Statement)'

Create a challenge

Click Add button and you will have to fill up a form to post:

  • Each posted challenge has an open and close date. Recommended timeframe between these two dates is not more than 6 months.

  • Although optional, do provide a cover and a header image to make your challenge stand out from the rest. Plain color background use by default.

  • Create Create button to save it as draft.

Submit a Challenge

Click Submit button and you will not be able to revert to editing mode. An notification email will be sent to your user account.

Preview Challenge

Once submitted, you can preveiw your challenge at Member Control Panel while waiting for admin approval for listing.

MaGIC Alumni with Campus ID will be able to acquire auto approval upon submission without any human intervention.

It's solely MaGIC Program Owner or Admin decision to approve, approve with featured or reject a challenge post.

Receiving application from Solution Provider

Function to allow Problem Statement Owner DIY manage submission from Solution Provider is under development.

For the time being, Program owner or admin will help the Problem Statement owner to manage the submissions manually.

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